Stall Holders

Scroll down to see some stall holders that regularly join us at our markets in and around Worthing.

La Poutine

About La Poutine: From Marc…. As a French Cancdian, Poutine has always been part of my life. When moving to the UK with my British-Cancdian partner, we were convinced that out British friends would love the dish, The concept was built out of love… love for poutine, love for my home country and province and … Continue reading La Poutine

What we are eating

Street food stall based in Worthing. Whatweareeating – remixing classic flavours and combinations to produce amazing sandwich experiences What We Are Eating Facebook page


Delicious homemade Pies, Pastries, Quiches, Scotch eggs, sausage rolls and Tarts.Individual pies and Family pies made to order or direct from various farmers markets.Choose from a variety of savoury, sweet, vegetarian and meaty flavours!Sweet treats also available such as brownies and carrot cakes. WHOLESALE AND CATERINGMagpies Magnificent Pies bake fresh tasty Pies, Tarts, Quiches, Sausage … Continue reading Magpies

Mr Masey

Mr Masey’s make superior quality colognes, beard and shave products using therapeutic grade essential oils and plant-based ingredients. All our products are hand crafted in Brighton and distributed all around the UK and in Europe too. We now have our own brand of traditional shaving equipment including razors, brushes and stands to accompany our shaving … Continue reading Mr Masey

South Coast Macarons

French Macarons Hand made with pride. South Coast Macarons now have a kiosk on the west mall of Churchill Sq Brighton as well as being available from our and other markets and also made to order.   Contact us on 07838 240934  or see us on Facebook link below. South Coast Macarons on Facebook

Ringana – Fresh Worthing

These days, lots of people are thinking about what food they put in their body. But what about what we put on our skin? What about the packaging of products and their ingredients and what about sustainability? RINGANA offers health and skincare products and only uses fresh, vegan ingredients. The range comprises of shampoo, foot … Continue reading Ringana – Fresh Worthing

This Little Piggy by McStrongs

This Little Piggy by MCSTRONGS is a sausage roll lover’s dream, 10 different flavours of mini handmade sausage rolls can be found, all encased in a golden all butter pastry. Flavours range from the American Breakfast (free range Sussex pork, smokey bacon & maple syrup) to Peking Pork (free range Sussex pork, hoisin sauce, green … Continue reading This Little Piggy by McStrongs